Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturer in China

Anhui Jianghuai Special Purpose Vehicle Company Ltd. is a special heavy duty vehicle manufacturer based in China. Our main products include our dump truck, concrete mixer truck, refrigerated truck, truck mounted crane, fuel tank truck, and road wrecker, to name a few. With nearly ten years of experience in the special purpose vehicle field, we have developed 230 varieties of vehicles to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our fine vehicles are commonly used in engineering construction as well as for other applications.
  • 2T Tipper Van Model: HFC1040K1R1T
    Series Number: DA012
    Cabin Type: King Cab
    Drive Type: Left-Hand
  • Refrigerated TruckThe refrigerated truck is configured with the superior chassis of light duty truck ...
  • 4.5T Dump TruckModel: HFC3040K
    Series Number: DA006
    Cab Type: Single Cab
    Driving Form: Right-Hand
  • Truck Mounted CraneThe truck mounted crane is equipped with the specialized second class chassis of JAC ...
  • 12T Tipping TruckModel: HFC3101KR1
    Series Number: EG006
    Cab Type: King Cab
    Driving Form: Left-Hand
  • Road WreckerOur road wrecker or tow truck is configured with a set of stretchable and inclined platform ...