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Our left hand drive dump truck is designed with the variable driving cabins, such as the narrow type, middle sized type, wide type and the wide classic type with high top. With mature manufacturing technology, the cabin is very safe and comfortable. Moreover, the product adopts outstanding configurations that present the advantages as below.
1. This product is equipped with the powerful engines of leading brands at home, such as Yunnei Power, Weichai Power, Xichai Power, Yuchai Power, etc.

2. Configured with the JAC specialized drive system of 145 and 153 series chassis, the product features large power, strong output torsion and excellent climbing performance. It is adaptable for diversified environment and working conditions.

3. The beams of the chassis frame are made of 16mm steel materials through riveting in a straight way. Both the longitudinal beam and the horizontal beam are pressed and formed in one process, then assembled via cold riveting technology. Meanwhile, the left hand drive dump truck employs the double layered frame that increases its entire bearing capacity by 30%.

4. After ten years of development, we have created more than one hundred types of products based on the needs of different customer groups. The product is rich in the capacity ranging from 1.5T to 25T, suitable for using at plain areas, hills and mountain areas. Moreover, users have more selections on the van body in size of 3m to 7m.

Compliant with the demands of market, the high-end light duty left hand drive dump truck is specially designed for transportation. This product is designed with the van body of the cargo truck. Due to the long van body with large capacity, the product combines the merits of the light duty van and the dump truck. It offers convenient transportation and material unloading.

Our JAC left hand drive dump truck is widely applied in handling and transporting the loose materials like earth, sand, coal, stone and dust in the village, mine and construction site. It is also applied in municipal transportation and other occasions.

By using JAC dedicated chassis for self-unloading vehicle, the product performs stably and reliably. The interior trim and the vehicle body are the new type. Meanwhile, several kinds of body combinations can be available for customers to choose. The hydraulic lifting system has high lifting efficiency and won't come out with hydraulic cylinder scuffing and oil leakage.

Meanwhile, the dump truck adopts dual circuit air brake system with air leak protection device and it can achieve spring brake. This brake system can be operated easily with fast action and high efficiency. Thus, the driving safety can be guaranteed effectively. In addition, the auxiliary exhaust brake is optional for customers. It can help to overcome heat of brake shaft caused by long-term usage of wheel-side brake.

As an experienced left hand drive dump truck manufacturer and supplier in China, Jianghuai Special Purpose Vehicle provides a wide range of products that includes dump truck, tipping truck, road wrecker, concrete mixer truck, and more.

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