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Our dump truck takes usage of special JAC chassis for self-unloading vehicle. The floor and the side plates of the dump body are produced by welding high quality steel plates. So the product is particularly fit for transporting stones, ores, steel blocks, earth and other materials. The typical JAC cab is produced with mature technology and can bring safety and comfort to driver. Meanwhile, the power system that the vehicle adopts is manufactured by leading enterprise in China.

In addition, this series of dump trucks is equipped with JAC special 145 or 153 chassis transmission system which allows the product to adapt to various working conditions for the features of strong power, large output torque and good grade ability performance. The straight type full riveting frame is made of 16mm steel material of Baosteel. The rails and cross beams of the frame are formed with punching at one time and assembled with cold riveting. By taking double-layer frame, the overall load bearing capacity has been increased by 30%.

To meet the different needs of customers, we produce the dump truck with the tonnage ranging from 2T to 18T. Meanwhile, each product has different kinds for customers to choose. In addition, we can offer the product with the engineering flat type packing container which has large length and capacity. This type of product has the features of both light truck and construction truck. Due to the automatic cathodic electrophoretic painting, the nice appearance can match with the product completely. According to the characteristics of customers, we can also satisfy their specific requirements. The steering wheel, backrest and seat can be adjusted with multi angle to provide safe, comfortable and convenient driving and rest space for driver. This series of products has been widely used in countryside, mining area and other places for medium and short distance engineering transportation.

Customers can know about the detailed information of our dump truck through the hot line, email and fax. Our representatives are ready to answer your any question. Meanwhile, we have samples for the products with all models. We sincerely welcome customers to our factory to conduct field investigation and business negotiation. We also hope to jointly explore the international market with outstanding sales companies and dealers. The integration of our strength, our information of foreign trade and the rich resources of agents allows us to develop a new better market. Please contact us to know more about the detailed rules of proxy and cooperative mode.

Jianghuai Special Purpose Vehicle is a specialized dump truck manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including left hand drive dump truck, refrigerated truck, fuel tank truck, concrete mixer truck, and much more.

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