9 Cu 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck

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9 Cu 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck 9 Cu 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck
Technical Parameters of 9 Cu 6×4 Concrete Mixer Truck
1Model HFC 5255GJBLK3
2 Cab Type King Cab
3 Driving Form Left Hand
4 Wheelbase (mm) 3690+1350
5 Drive Mode 6×4
6 Outline Dimensions (mm) 9185×2495×3900
7 Total Mass (kg) 34380
8 Curb Weight (kg) 13100
9 Working Volume of Tank (m³) 9
10 Engine Model/Engine Power (kw) WP10. 340E32/250
11 WP10.336/ 247
12 Transmission RT11509C
13 Number of Axle 3
14 Spec. of Tyre 11.00-20/ 11.00R20
15 Number of Tyre 10
16 Number of Leaf Spring 10/12
17 Fuel Oil Type Diesel Oil
18 Emission Standard Euro Ⅲ
19 Displacement(ml) 9726
20 Max. Speed (km/h) 98
21 Driving System of Tank Hydraulic Control
Speed Reduction System: PMP 6.5//ZF 4300
Model of Motor: REXROTH AA2FM80 /SAUER T90/075/PMH M90

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