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Concrete mixer truck consists of chassis, mixing drum, transmission system hydraulic drive system, water supply system, material loading and unloading system, discharging chute, operating platform, operating system and protective device.

1.The specialized chassis of heavy duty truck performs excellently with guaranteed quality. Based on the advanced designing platform with UG three-dimensional software, we offer simulated design and finite element analysis on the solid models of the concrete mixer truck, ensuring its reliable performance and stable operation.

2. The mixing drum and the chassis of the product are highly matched for they are designed synchronously. Therein, the mixing drum is designed through the imported technology of Liebherr from Germany. With rational overall arrangement, the barrel works with small angle of inclination and low center of gravity, effectively preventing the truck from turning over to one side and guaranteeing the safe operation under poor road conditions. Moreover, the barrel is made of 16Mm series of low carbon alloy steel materials.

The interior space of the mixing drum is configured with dual symmetric blades designed through logarithmic spiral principle to realize the three-dimensional agitation. Designed with concave and convex surfaces through advanced structural technique, the blade features outstanding rotary performance and abrasive resistance.

In addition, our concrete mixer truck comes with rapid material feeding and unloading, high homogeneity of the concrete and low residual rate of the concrete without materials accumulation. All of the above three technical performance indexes exceed the industrial standard of the similar product. Meanwhile, the abovementioned systems and devices can be removable for repair and maintenance.

Our JAC Gallop concrete mixer truck is produced with the specifications of 8m³, 9m³,10m³, 12m³, 13m³ and 16m³ to meet the different needs of customers. The chassis is from the international and domestic well-known JAC enterprise. The reducer is with the brand of ZF and PMP. The oil pump and hydraulic motor are all from the enterprises with the famous brands at home and abroad such as PMP, REXROTH and SAUER. Thus, the product can be guaranteed to operate with stable performance, high reliability and safety.

As a China-based concrete mixer truck manufacturer and supplier, Jianghuai Special Purpose Vehicle offers a broad range of products that includes fuel tank truck, 18T tipping truck, road wrecker, refrigerated truck, and more.

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