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The refrigerated truck is configured with the superior chassis of light duty truck, working with excellent bearing capacity. In the fully enclosed combinative structure, its van body is made of imported thermal insulation materials through sandwich gluing technique and PA foaming technology for the whole machine. It adopts the interior and exterior glass fiber reinforced plastic boards. Therein, the side board is as thick as 80mm. The top board and the bottom board are designed with the thickness ranging from 90mm to 100mm.

Both the rear door lock rod and the hinge are made of stainless steel entirely. Yet the frame of the rear door uses the 2.5# stainless steel material to prevent corrosion. The bottom board consists of glass fiber reinforced plastic plate, rectangular tube, core materials, bamboo plywood, glass fiber reinforced plastics in sequence from the bottom to the upper.

Our refrigerated truck is mounted with the dependent or independent type refrigerated unit of international brands, such as K Brand from South Korea, Songz Super Cool, Taiwan Shengmeng (SMM), etc. With excellent cooling effect, the refrigerated unit makes the interior temperature of the van reach -18ºC, keeping the freshness of the frozen food, fish product, sea food, dairy product, vegetable, fruit and other goods in the transportation. For special requirements, the parts like air deflector, side door, front cover, meat hook, aluminum alloy rail and ventilation slot are optional according to customer's actual need in the application.

Technical Parameters
1Model HFC5040XLCK2T
2 Wheelbase(mm) 3360
3 Total Mass (kg) 4310
4 Max. Loading Capability (kg) 1500
5 Drive Mode 4×2
6 Engine Model HFC4DA1-2B1
7 Engine Power (kw) 80
8 Fuel Oil Type diesel
9 Spec. of Tire 7.00-16
10 Max. Speed (km/h) 98
11 Displacement (ml) 2771
12 Overall Dimension (mm) 5995×1910×2900
13 Dimension of Van Body (mm) 4100×1750×1700
14 Refrigerating Unit SC350
15 Backup Battery Single Phase 220V/50HZ
16 Refrigerating Temperature -18°C-15°C
17 Emission Standard GB17691-2005, Euro Ⅲ, GB3847-2005

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