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Brief Introduction
1.The truck mounted crane is equipped with the specialized second class chassis of JAC engineering truck. This chassis is mainly used to load the lorry crane and special container. It can also power the hydraulic system of the product. Therefore, the product is endowed with both the characteristics of the ordinary lorry and the merits of the crane.

2. Our product is also configured with the crane that is manufactured by domestic enterprises with famous brand, such as Zoomlion, XCMG, Lift, Feitao, etc. Users can select the product assembled with telescopic boom or the foldable boom as they need. The boom can be extended, lifted and revolved. The steel wire rope allows flexible feed and recovery. Moreover, the landing leg can stretch out or draw back freely.

3. The van body of the truck mounted crane mainly consists of the front board, side board, rear board, center pillar, rear pillar and bottom board. Therein, the side board and the rear board can be opened and closed. The plug-in center pillar and the rear pillar are flexible for dismounting so that it is very convenient to unload the cargos. The van body is mostly used to load the cargos and it is the major bearing part of the machine during transporting.

4. Our product varies in different bearing capacity, such as 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6.3T, 8T, 10T, 12T and 16T.

Technical Parameters of Truck Mounted Crane
1Model HFC5121JSQZ
2 Total Quality (kg) 11900
3 Max. Loading Capability (kg) 5200
4 Model of Chassis HFC3121KR1TZ
5 Drive Mode 4×2
6 Engine Model YZ4DB1-30
7 Engine Power (kw) 95
8 Fuel Oil Type diesel
9 Spec. Of Tire 8.25-20/8.25R20
10 Max. Speed (km/h) 75
11 Displacement (ml) 4087
12 Overall Dimension (mm) 7040×2300×3350
13 Dimension of Packing Container (mm) 4100×2100×550
15 Max. Lifting Weight(kg) 5000
16 Max Lifting Moment(T.M) 12.5
17 Rotation Angle 360° All Rotation

Note: According to customer's requirement, we can configure different tons of crane to satisfy your needs.

In line with the policy of continued development, the pictures and data in this website are only for your reference. As to the actual information, please confirm it according to the manufacture's written confirmations.

The truck mounted crane can be widely used for various kinds of applications involving in handling and lifting operation, hoisting in filed, wrecker job, equipment lifting and carrying in narrow spaces such as station, port, warehouse, construction field and other occasions. The mounted crane can achieve 360-degree rotation at forward and inverse direction. It can also realize full rotation. The product has the features of high speed, strong grade ability, high lifting height and wide operating range. Meanwhile, it adopts domestic famous hydraulic pump system to achieve fast elevating with high efficiency and energy saving.

We are a specialized truck mounted crane manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive line of products, including fuel tank truck, concrete mixer truck, road wrecker, right hand drive dump truck, and much more.

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