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Product Description
1. Our road wrecker or tow truck is configured with a set of stretchable and inclined platform system for back towing and multifunctional wheel bracket system. Under the conditions with allowable load, it can accomplish the loading, lifting and towing simultaneously, improving the working efficiency.
2. There are various lifting and forking devices for option, suitable for lifting the wheel or front axle of the trailed vehicle. The lifting mechanism can be stretched to 1.34m at maximum.
3. The chassis plate with decorative patterns is added with stop block at the front wheel to prevent the bracket of warning lamp and the cab from being damaged because of the inertia of trailed vehicle while the truck is braking or reducing speed. Moreover, the stop block can be adjusted back and forth. It offers flexible operation and stable positioning.
4. Our road wrecker is mounted with the accelerator at the joystick so that users can control the moving speed of all the system freely while operating.
5. This product is extensively used in the units of highway, traffic police, airport, wharf, vehicle repair and expressway company for rapidly handling the vehicles in accident or with malfunction or violating the rules in time.

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